Great Inventions and Innovations that Help Save Mother Earth

With the health of mother earth in decline people around the world are not sitting idly and just let it be towards destruction. Although many people have no heart or passion for the climate and the environment, there are still a great number of people who still care for the world that we live in, and they are the real heroes.

Instead of just being a spectator in the sidelines, many of these people do extraordinary work to combat the destruction of nature itself, and some even created and invented tools and methods to save mother earth. Here are some of those amazing tools.

Plastic Cement Fillers

In India they have found a way to utilize plastics that cannot be recycled. As India is on the top of the list of countries which are very polluted due to a large number of population and a large number of factories and industries that are built there, they are also gaining in the race towards saving mother nature.

They used shredded plastic materials and mix it with concrete cement and asphalt to build and repair roads. Using the plastic makes the structure extra durable and at the same time they save money and resources by using recyclable materials for each project.

Burial Pods

One of the most exciting innovations of the 21st century are the burial pods. Using an individual carbon footprint calculator, an average human person is producing an approximate carbon footprint of 16 tons in his or her own lifetime that means it is a significant factor in term of impact to the environment, to combat this a burial pod is where a person’s ashes will be placed and this pod will then be planted in cemetery where a tree will grow in its place. This genius idea then counterbalances the carbon footprint of a person by the tree that will be growing through the ashes of that same person.

Recyclable Bottle House

In some countries in Africa, many organizations use the unique method of building a house through the use of prefabricated parts and recycles bottles. They use the bottles and fill them up with cement and mix and file them into solid formations as use it to build the walls around the house while the posts and other parts are already prefabricated to save time and resources in building.

Solar panel Roofs

Many houses today embrace the idea of alternative energy mainly to balance financial burden of having to pay heavy amounts of electricity and gas bills. Solar panel roofs are one of the most amazing innovations that has been made in light of such predicament.

This is done by preplacing conventional roofs with solar panels which then feed the stored energy for consumption when it is already evening, when electric consumption is most high. This helps the environment while at the same time makes the housed look classy and stylish and environmentally-friendly at the same time.

More inventions should be created and more innovations must be realized in terms of helping the world regain its beauty and help mother nature heal itself in the process.

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