4 reasons not to use personal-type messaging apps for businesses

Singapore is a business enriched country. In fact, most of the other countries in the Asian region are looking up to our country since we as a nation are quite ahead of them. But if you are using your personal Whatsapp account to run a business, it is about time you question yourself whether or not you belong to the developed ideologies. In this article, we are going over 4 solid reason why you should never ever use your personal account to run your business.

  • Makes the company look too unprofessional

People love to deal with companies where they are treated at proper clients and when you’re using a professional account instead of your personal account with a dip of a sunflower. That’s why little things go a long way in businesses.

  • Confuse your personal relationships with the professional relationships

Imagine that your girlfriend and your recent client happened to have the same name and you ‘accidently’ happened to send something inappropriate, exceeding the time of ‘delete for everyone’? In an occasion like this not only will you lose the client, you will lose the reputation of the business as well. If you were representing a bigger company, you have a very high chance of getting fired. This is but one occasion, it could get worse.

  • Being unable to be available 24/7

The difference between your personal and professional life is that, the personal life keeps going from around 6 to 10 although the job is only from 8 to 5. But if you were to receive a text after that time, the chances of ignoring them until the office hours begin in the morning. But what if you could allow your clients to interact as much as they want, and even do the ordering via the app itself, while you are charging for that too, and you don’t have to deal with them at all? This is basically what a whatsapp business solution singapore does. Since this automation bot is there, the company will be operative 24/7. With the verification badge, your company will look quite better.

  • Impractical in some cases

If you are thinking about using your personal Whatsapp to run a company where there are hundreds of clients, then it just won’t work as well. After all, you only have got 24 hours in the absolute condition and answering all the calls and all the texts would make you run out of the day; no job is worth that much of an effort, period.

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