The great reasons to become a Singaporean citizen

If you are a permanent resident of Singapore and if you have lived a minimum of 2 years being a PR of the country, you can apply for the citizenship in the country. Therefore, you should certainly look into getting how you can.

The procedure that you have to get to the citizenship of Singapore is straightforward. All that you have to do is to get the application and apply citizenship Singapore. These are the reasons why you should try to become a Singaporean citizen:

Benefitswhen purchasing property

If you want to buy a house so that you can complete your process of settling down in Singapore, when you have the citizenship, the entire procedure will be so much easier. When you have the Singaporean PR, you will be eligible to buy a house provided by the HBD of Singapore. However, if you want to buy a brand new house from the HDB, it is needed that you have a citizenship. Moreover, there are great benefits that you can gain when you have the citizenship and when you want to buy your own housing.

The best education for children

When you have the citizen of Singapore, when compared to having a PR, there are great discounts that you can get from the schools in Singapore. All that you have do is to get the citizenship in Singapore and sign up for Edusave. When you are under this scheme, you will be getting great savings that will range from S$250 to S$290. Depending on the school fees, the savings that you will be making will differ. Moreover, you will be saving a lot when you have to pay for university fees as well.

Benefits from pensions from the CPF

Another great benefit that a citizen of Singapore will be getting is from their pension. When you have the PR for 2 years, you can start investing on the Central Provident Fund which helps to build up a future for after your retirement. You can gain up to 17% and 20% benefits after the age of 55 years when you have signed up for the CPF.

You will also be getting benefits when you become a parent as well which will make parenting easier. The benefits come in terms of bonuses and longer maternity leaves.

If you meet the criterion that will let you apply for Singaporean citizenship, you should go ahead and get it to experience these great benefits that will help you grow and be successful in the country.

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